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Organic Binder For Iron Ore Pelletisation

19 Mar

Organic Binder for Iron Ore Pelletisation

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Iron ore pellets are important form of raw material for manufacturing steel. Iron ore pellets are small spherical balls of iron ore utilized in steel production. They are formed by agglomerating ultra-fine iron ore particles with a binder, water and other materials. This binder serves the crucial role of holding the particles together during the pelletization process. 

Bentonite is a naturally occurring substance that is the most popular choice of pellet manufacturers in this process. But the Alumina and silica present in Bentonite cause its own set of problems. Despite its low cost and abundant natural occurrence, the inorganic components present in bentonite act like contaminants and increase the amount of acid gangue in the pellet. This increases the amount of slag formed in iron and steelmaking, which substantially increase the the energy requirements of these processes.

Unlike inorganic binders such as bentonite, organic binders are formulated from natural sources. 
OB-1205: Gen II organic binder is developed and manufactured by Abhitech Energycon Limited. It absorbs free moisture from iron ore and forms strong adhesive bonds with iron ore particles. This unique formulation also builds strong cohesive bonds and as a result gives much better pellet formation that any other naturally occurring or laboratory synthesised chemicals.
With its unique binding properties, OB-1205 helps to reduce Bentonite by significant amount during the process of pelletization. 

Reduction in Bentonite reduces slag, thereby reducing heat consumption during the pelletization process.

OB-1205 is a highly beneficial and an attractive alternative to bentonite in iron ore pelletizing process, mainly because it burns without leaving any residue in the final pellet.


1.  OB-1205 substantially reduces bentonite (reducing SiO2 & Al2O3 impurities) in iron ore pelletization and enhances burnt pellet characteristics

2.  OB-1205 reduces impurities imparted by bentonite; thereby reducing specific heat consumption in the blast furnace

3.  OB1205 enhances the interparticle bonds and aids formation of stronger pellets

4.  OB-1205 reduces the recycyle rate by increasing the proportion of optimum sized pellets during the process. 

5.  OB-1205 reduces the generation of fines by a significant amount

6.  Supports the Green initiative by:

a.  Reducing CO2 emissions incurred during bentonite mining, and its transportation. 
b.  Reducing the Specific Fuel consumption during the induration process
c.  Reducing the specific fuel consumption in the blast furnace by improving the pellet quality

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