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DEWA-369 - Dewatering Aid

DEWA-369 is a chemical additive used in various industries to enhance the dewatering process. It is a specific type of surface-active agent designed to be highly effective in reducing the moisture content of filter cakes and centrifuge solids. This additive is formulated to enhance the dewatering process by improving the drainage and separation of water from solids.

DEWA-369 has been specially designed and developed to address the challenges faced by the alumina industry, dewatering processes in particular. It helps in reducing the operational cost and aims for energy conservation and pollution control.

Dosing Ratio

  • 80 - 100 grams per ton of filter cake/slurry (hydrate).


  • Significantly increases the rate of filtration and improves throughput and productivity in alumina processing operations
  • Improves the handling characteristics of filter cake
  • Lowers the moisture in calciner feeds, leading to energy cost savings and improved downstream processing
  • Facilitates reduction in wash water usage during the dewatering process, thereby improving water balance and saving soda
  • Reduces leachable soda content in alumina products, leading to improved product quality

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