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OB-1205 For Better Pelletization and Sintering

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Organic Substitute for Bentonite


Organic binder ABHITECH OB-1205 absorbs iron ore moisture and strengthens pellets.

Cross-linked polymer OB-1205 binds minerals. It absorbs surface water and generate a high-viscosity solution, which increases adhesion and promotes polymeric compound-iron ore mineral interaction by generating hydrogen bond, ionic exchange, and electrostatic attraction with mineral surface.

OB-1205 reduces bentonite (reducing SiO2 & Al2O3 impurities) in iron ore pelletization and enhances burnt pellet characteristics. Even at lowest treatment rates, it reduces contaminants and boosts efficiency.

Working Mechanism

Organic Binder functions by generating adhesive and cohesive forces for the agglomeration of iron ore minerals, as depicted in the following figure.

Working Mechanism

Increased interaction with Fe3+ ions is provided by the high molecular weight and extended cross-linking branching chain. These forces are far greater than those generated by the capillary action principle of bentonite, allowing for more than 30% reduction in bentonite usage.

Its high Molecular weight and high solution viscosity make it simple to establish strong cohesion inside the pellet, and its molecular structure has a significant number of active functional groups that generate strong adhesion with minerals

Dosing Mechanism


OB-1205 is added on iron ore conveyor belt through a hopper feeder mechanism. The feed rate of Organic Binder is controlled by varying the rpm of screw feeder

Dosing Mechanism Dosing Mechanism

Dosage OB-1205 is dosed in the ratio of 50 to 100 gm/ton of Iron ore based on its Morphology & Moisture content.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Test Results

Comparison study under scanning electron microscope of Iron Ore Green Pellet with Bentonite + OB-1205

Maximum Internal Pores has been detected with OB-1205 compared to only with Bentonite.

Bentonite structure & Bentonite + OB-1205

The gaps are filled by OB-1205 & which are very helpful for iron ore agglomeration. The bentonite and OB-1205 shows effective binding together.

Due to the strong cohesive and adhesive forces of OB-1205 creates maximum adhesive Bridges

Benefits of OB-1205


  • Reduction in Bentonite consumption (30% - 50%).
  • Improvement in GCS, CCS and pellet quality.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption of blast furnace due to improved quality of product (less slag due to alumina, silica).
  • Reduction in generation of fines.
  • Reduction in product loss due to reduction in fines.
  • Reduction in Cracks.

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