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Certified Company ISO 9001:2015


Our Philosophy

Abhitech Energycon Limited ("AEL") is committed towards Corporate Social Responsibilities ("CSR") Activities and is a responsible corporate citizen. CSR has taken a front seat in the Organisation's vision, policy perspectives and business operations. CSR aims at providing sustainable development of the society through its philanthropic approach, socio-economic activities and social awareness. AEL strives for the overall betterment of society at large and has always been committed to social service activities by repeatedly organizing part of its resources and activities in such a way that it gives a positive impact on the society and benefit it socially, morally, ethically, and environmentally.

AEL endeavours to make a positive contribution to the society by supporting and actively participating in wide range of CSR activities. AEL believes in putting ethical principles at the core of business strategy and ensures that every business decision and operation promotes social and environmental welfare while also making a profit. Our CSR initiatives go far beyond compliance and promote positive impact on the Society, Environment and Stakeholders both internal and external.

To this end, the Company seeks to undertake CSR activities, which extend beyond the scope of the business and focus on Human, Environmental and Social assets.

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