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Demineralization & Ultrapure Water Treatment

Deionization is accomplished by passing water through ion exchange columns containing cation and anion resins. Simply put, the result is water without ions minerals and salts..

Abhitechenergycon Series two-bed deionizers are available as standard pre-engineered units or as custom designed systems with the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements. These DM Plant can be manufactured with a full range of options and related equipment to provide fully integrated water purifications systems. Abhitechenergycon Series two bed deionizers are a highly efficient means of removing dissolved minerals and solids to produce high purity DM water.

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Terminology for DM Plants
Deionisers, de-ionisers, demineralizers, and de-mineralizers are the different names for the same equipment. DI is often used as the abbreviation for De-Ionization or De-Ionizers. You will also hear this equipment called DM Plants, DI water systems, DI cells, or DI water treatment systems.

Understanding the chemistry of water is critical in designing a Demineraliser. A wrong selection of system may lead to low efficiency, high capital and operating cost and poor quality of product.

It is recommended to use a membrane technologies such as UF and Reverse osmosis prior to demineralisers where TDS is more than 400 ppm.

The Demineraliser are available in following configuration :

Two Bed System
Used for small capacity low TDS water. The advantage of packed bed is compact plant , total utilization of vessel space and better quality of water.

Three Bed System including Degasser Unit
This type of system is used for high alkalinity water. Carbon dioxide is removed during degasification reducing the load on anion exchange resin

Four Bed System including Degassification Unit and Mixed Bed
For high capacity plants having silica , EMA contents in raw water , a three bed system with degassifier is often the most economical to operate.

Application Areas

  • Food and Beverage Processing Plants
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • High pressure boiler feedwater
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Autoclaves
  • Steam Generators
  • Electronic Products
  • Medical Device Production
  • Alloy Metal Fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Humidification Systems
  • Metal Treating
  • Plating
  • Printed Circuit Boards

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